Understanding and Healing After Hurt

Understanding and Healing After Hurt: A Journey Through Love Languages and Communication Life is filled with moments that test our relationships, and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we make mistakes that hurt our partners deeply. As a relationship coach, I’ve seen firsthand how these situations unfold, and today, I’m sharing a personal story that underscores…

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Oh, Jasmine and Dereck’s tale?

Oh, Jasmine and Dereck’s tale? It’s quite the story, really—about love, growth, and facing life’s curveballs together. Imagine Jasmine, this incredibly strong and devoted single mom, steering through life with her little one. Then there’s Dereck, a young 26 year old single guy that fell in love with her.  You know, Dereck hadn’t quite grasped…

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Navigating the Stages of a Relationship

Navigating the Stages of a Relationship: From Honeymoon to Real Partnership Every relationship begins with a whirlwind of emotions, often referred to as the “honeymoon stage.” It’s a period marked by intense attraction, overwhelming feelings of love, and an idealized perception of our partner. This phase is driven by a potent mix of hormones such…

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Love After Valentine’s Day

Loving couple cuddling in the winter forest holding heart-shaped balloons.

Love After Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day has come and gone, and now it’s time to focus on growing your relationship for forever passion. It may sound daunting, but a little understanding of what makes marriages work and some habits to keeping the “forever after” alive is achievable. Here are some tips for keeping your relationship…

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Communication Skills To Develop in Your Marriage 💍

Communication Skills To Develop in Your Marriage

3 Steps To Starting A Difficult Conversation Ashley and Michael were arguing about the dishes again. Ashley was pissed that she felt Michael never helps with the dishes and that he always leaves them for her to do. “I can’t believe you never help with the dishes,” said Ashley, “it’s always left for me to…

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The Importance Of Influencing And Being Influenced In A Marriage

The Importance Of Influencing And Being Influenced In A Marriage Influence is an essential aspect of any intimate relationship. In the happiest marriages and relationships, there is a give and take. It’s more of a partnership rather than patriarchy or matriarchy. That being said, sometimes it can be challenging to accept influence from our partners…

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The Long Haul to Love 💕

The Long Haul to Love

The Long Haul to Love 💕: How Joe & Mary Can Steer Their Relationship Back on Track Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in life, maybe even literally? You’re on a long drive, and suddenly you have two options: keep driving the usual path laden with potholes and familiar landmarks, or take a…

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