Examine Your Fears: Step 2 of the H.E.A.R.T. Method

Examine Your Fears: Step 2 of the H.E.A.R.T. Method Welcome back to our series on the H.E.A.R.T. method, where we explore ways to overcome insecurities and build more secure relationships. In our last post, we discussed the importance of highlighting your triggers to better understand your anxious attachment style. Today, we move to the second…

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Understanding Your Triggers and Anxious Attachment

Attachment Styles

Understanding Your Triggers and Anxious Attachment In relationships, feeling anxious and insecure is a common experience. But for individuals with an anxious attachment style it is definitely more prevalent. Such individuals might constantly worry about their partner’s feelings, fear abandonment, or require frequent reassurance. Although these feelings are understandable, they can create stress and strain…

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Understanding and Healing After Hurt

Understanding and Healing After Hurt: A Journey Through Love Languages and Communication Life is filled with moments that test our relationships, and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we make mistakes that hurt our partners deeply. As a relationship coach, I’ve seen firsthand how these situations unfold, and today, I’m sharing a personal story that underscores…

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Taking Control of Your Insecurities

Taking Control of Your Insecurities: Relationships can be a source of unparalleled joy, companionship, and growth. However, for individuals with anxious, avoidant, or fused attachment styles, navigating the complex waters of intimacy and connection can often feel like an uphill battle, fraught with insecurities and unmet expectations. The reality stage of any relationship is challenging,…

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Oh, Jasmine and Dereck’s tale?

Oh, Jasmine and Dereck’s tale? It’s quite the story, really—about love, growth, and facing life’s curveballs together. Imagine Jasmine, this incredibly strong and devoted single mom, steering through life with her little one. Then there’s Dereck, a young 26 year old single guy that fell in love with her.  You know, Dereck hadn’t quite grasped…

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Navigating the Stages of a Relationship

Navigating the Stages of a Relationship: From Honeymoon to Real Partnership Every relationship begins with a whirlwind of emotions, often referred to as the “honeymoon stage.” It’s a period marked by intense attraction, overwhelming feelings of love, and an idealized perception of our partner. This phase is driven by a potent mix of hormones such…

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The Yin-Yang of Love: Strengthening Bonds

The Yin-Yang of Love

The Yin-Yang of Love: Strengthening Bonds through Heartfelt Discussions In the world of romantic relationships, discussions- be they light-hearted or heated- are inevitable. But what if I told you that these discussions/ arguments, when navigated properly, could strengthen your bond with your loved one? Today, I’ll share a few insights that can help you turn…

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Love After Valentine’s Day

Loving couple cuddling in the winter forest holding heart-shaped balloons.

Love After Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day has come and gone, and now it’s time to focus on growing your relationship for forever passion. It may sound daunting, but a little understanding of what makes marriages work and some habits to keeping the “forever after” alive is achievable. Here are some tips for keeping your relationship…

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